Meet Our First SAFe Fellow, Scott Frost!

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)  is possibly the most widely implemented Agile scaling model in the US, and as gold partners, we are continuously looking for new ways to help our clients and community get the most out of SAFe. As an SPCT Gold Transformation Partner, with more than 5 SAFe Program Consultant Trainers (SPCTs) and over 700 SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs), we are uniquely positioned to enable SAFe adoptions at today’s largest enterprises.

And now we are excited to announce that our own Scott Frost has become the first SAFe Fellow at Accenture | SolutionsIQ! We recently sat down with Scott to talk about why this is important to our community, clients and business and what some of the milestones of his journey were.

But first…

What is a SAFe Fellow?

“The SAFe® Fellow  achievement is Scaled Agile’s most prestigious distinction, recognizing individuals who have exhibited the highest level of mastery and thought leadership in the practice and principles of SAFe. Established in 2015, the program recognizes a select number of individuals with the depth and breadth of experience to work at the highest levels of complexity in enterprise strategy, and who have established themselves as thought leaders in the Lean-Agile space.” (source)

SAFe creator and Chief Methodologist at Scaled Agile Dean Leffingwell further describes it this way:

“The SAFe Fellow program represents the ultimate achievement for those looking to advance Lean-Agile methods at enterprise scale with SAFe. If we are in a challenging situation—whether puzzling over the next generation framework or struggling to optimize a SAFe implementation—the Fellows are the folks we turn to.”

(We recently interviewed Leffingwell about what’s new in SAFe 4.6 on this Agile Amped podcast.)

The Multi-Year Journey to Becoming a SAFe Fellow

“This is a tremendous opportunity and experience,” Frost said to me over the phone, “because, as a Fellow, I will be able to contribute further to the SAFe knowledge base in unique and impactful ways, especially considering that SAFe is the most successful and used framework for scaling Agile.” I asked him to share some milestones of his journey leading up to his recognition at this year’s SAFe Summit:

  • 1997 – Started helping clients to merge product development lifecycle (business) with software development (IT), focusing on product development and business outcomes.
  • 2000 – Took on a servant leadership style, which is – for Frost – what it means to be “Agile at heart.”
  • 2011 – Launched his first SAFe Agile Release Training (ART).
  • 2012 – Joined Davisbase (which became part of the SolutionsIQ community in the end of 2015), where Scott was part of early Lean-Agile scaling initiatives, including using SAFe.
  • 2015 – Became a SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) along with Steve Davis, founder of Davisbase and current Managing Director of Accenture.
  • SAFe Summit, October 2018 – Became a SAFe Fellow.

When asked what he’s most excited about, Frost is quick to say, “It’s the recognition from the community and Scaled Agile, not just for myself, but also for Accenture | SolutionsIQ as top thought leaders and implementation experts in the world. Our customers will continue to have access to our highly experienced SAFe and business agility implementation community. And now, in impactful ways, I as a Fellow may be able to contribute to future thought leadership and improvements to the framework. That is humbling and exciting to me.”

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