Su the Wizard – a short walk with a “Scarce Resource”


su wizard
You know Su. Su’s the person everyone needs all the time.  As you scale Agile, or any other development approach, you face the age old challenge of optimizing the return from high value scarce “resources”. The variety of well-intended, logical, and marginally unrealistic solutions you can try range from Lean based allocation models to mind numbing workloads, and even sophisticated portfolio plans. Another approach includes well founded programs and plans to improve people’s skills, knowledge, and experience that often become curtailed when budgets change. You also know that Su has a plan, after all Su is a wizard. Su the Wizard is a short walk through this maze from the perspective a ‘scarce resource’, touching on how the SU’s of the world respond to ‘the plan’, as well as some experiments to make transparent bad ideas before they can do harm. Su also gives hints on how to – and not to – bail a boat, as well reviving a century old practice of passing on knowledge and wisdom. Looking forward to your thoughts, comments and experiences.



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