#SIQRoadtrip – Coming to a City Near You!

The thing about being the largest pure-play Agile consultancy in the world is our coaches, consultants and trainers are all over the place! At times it’s hard to maintain the ties that bind and to fuel the passions that keep our people burning bright. One of the ways that we keep strong connections with the hundreds of Agilists and supporting individuals that make up our community is company gatherings. Gatherings are great for bringing everyone together to mend broken fences and reconnect with like-minded individuals, but this year we’re trying something completely different:


SolutionsIQ Chief Cat-Herder Jeff Leach and his wife Sheri IMG_0699have hit the road in their RV, bringing smiles and good feels to our hardworking consultants, trainers and coaches across the country! Starting in Redmond, Washington, the two drove all the way to their starting city—Chicago, IL! But first they made a pit stop at Mount Rushmore for a selfie.

Wrigley Field was the setting for our first night of fun, and the Chicago Cubs and the New York Mets went at it. Spoiler alert: the Cubs won, 5 – 1! Way to win to defend your home turf, Cubs! The stadium was packed, giving our SolutionsIQ staff, family and friends a nice, warm reception.


From Chicago, Jeff and Sheri will head over to Bloomington, IL; Washington, D.C., and McLean, VA; Charlotte, NC (where we will check in on our East Coast headquarters); Memphis, TN; and finally Kansas City, MO. While primarily serving keep our community strong and healthy, the road trip also provides us an opportunity to check in with some of our key clients in the Midwest and East Coast.


Follow all the action with the hashtag #SIQRoadtrip! And while you’re at it, check out our Facebook album for this memorable event.