Stuff Every Agile Development Team Needs to Know: A Primer

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So, you’re a development team member on a Scrum Team. We know that can sometimes be a little overwhelming. I’ve been in the business for more than a decade and yet the amount of change and dedication that top-notch software development requires is still daunting to me. With this in mind, my team and I have gone through our database of resources and pulled out what we think is the most relevant, useful information that you need to know to be effective in an Agile development team and to excel. There’s lots to learn if you are new, but a book a month and a link a week is a good pace. Call us if we can help. Good luck on your Agile journey!

Stuff Every Agile Development Team Needs to Know: A Primer


Start Here

Whether you’re looking at hardware, software or the people who make both work, if it’s Agile you’ll have hard time finding a better more comprehensive library of resources. We have lots of material, mostly in easy to consume pieces. Some of my favorites include:

Foundational Materials

  • Agile Manifesto – This is where it all begins – the basic tenets of Agile
  • Agile Principles – The expanded list of Agile principles
  • Scrum Guide – The Scrum Guide is the definitive “manual” for Scrum, continuously updated
  • Agile Glossary – Sometimes, the terminology associated with Agile can be confusing. Look here for a concise definition of just about every major term you’ll hear
  • – Introduction to XP values and rules

Understanding Roles

Recommended Reading


Level UP

Managing the work

Avoiding Dysfunction

Raising the technical game – great sites to visit often

  • – Great site from Uncle Bob, lots of videos on development, $6 to download
  • – Martin Fowler’s blog, as Thoughtworks employee
  • – Login to Facebook to see Kent Beck’s writings as a Facebook employee
  • – Examples exercises for learning and practice (30-60 min)

Let us practice! Getting management to let the team be agile

Case Studies