The Next Chapter in the Story of SolutionsIQ

We are pleased to announce a new chapter in the story of SolutionsIQ.

SolutionsIQ is being acquired by Accenture.

Back in 2006 when we purchased SolutionsIQ, with a business legacy as a staffing company, we set a new strategy to become an Agile consulting company. Since that day we have not changed course and, as we launch this next chapter of our story, we are the largest pure play Agile consulting company in North America. We have also become an Agile organization, guided by and deeply committed to our Agile values, principles and community, which from the start have been the key to our success.

What’s Next?

Over the next few months, not much will change. We will continue to serve our clients, invite new employees to join us and participate in the Agile community as we have in the past. Perhaps most important, our mission as a part of Accenture will not change. We will continue to help our customers unlock the creative potential of their knowledge workers as they develop new organization-wide capabilities to innovate and respond to a rapidly changing marketplace. However, over time our ability to fulfill this mission will dramatically strengthen, as will our ability to maintain and grow a workplace community where Agile professionals thrive.

This combination made a lot of sense to us. Although we have continued to grow year over year, we have recognized for a long time that the size of the Agile market opportunity far outstripped our ability to realize its potential working alone. We had been searching for and finally found the right partner to help us.

Becoming the newest members of the Accenture team of over 400,000 provides us with extraordinary support and global reach. We also are eager to explore the synergies between our Agile consulting and Accenture’s well-established Agile distributed-delivery capability. We both strongly agreed that culture was of central importance and that the key to a successful combination would be to preserve key tenets of our Agile culture and community within the larger Accenture ecosystem. The entire SolutionsIQ community is now part of Accenture. We are super-excited to continue our Agile journey with new fellow travelers.

We want to thank our colleagues across the Agile industry from whom we have learned so much. We thank our clients for trusting us to let us help them and from whom we learn so much. And we thank our colleagues and their families, who through their will, talent and generosity have helped us create a truly wonderful place to be and the opportunity to positively impact the lives of others. Upon you we will continue to depend and from you we have learned the most. How to be better leaders. How to be better people.

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See you all soon,

John and Charlie