The PMO Agility Canvas – Redefining Your PMO to Support Agile

While many organizations have approached Agile Transformation both from the top down and from the bottom up, one area that is often ignored is the Project Management Office (PMO). In SolutionsIQ’s upcoming webinar, Dave Prior presents why the PMO needs to change in order to support Agile. Specifically, Dave will discuss two tools practitioners can use to help understand the new mission of their PMO in order to support Agility. These tools are the PMO Agility Canvas and the Five Measures.

The PMO Agility Canvas

The Project Management Office is typically initiated with a waterfall context. Therefore, when the surrounding organization seeks to transform to Agile, the PMO must take a fresh look at its purpose and way of serving the company. The PMO Agility Canvas is a tool that can facilitate this process.

In this webinar, participants will use the PMO Agility Canvas to redefine the mission of their PMO and come up with a concrete action plan they can use to take immediate steps to improve the PMO’s approach to Agile in order to better support the needs of the company. This tool can also be applied to other areas of the organization that are struggling with Agile, so participants who are not part of the PMO will be able to use it to better understand how their group is approaching Agile.

The Five Measures

The Five Measures is the first tool introduced in Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. For over 2,000 years, this approach has been applied to develop a deeper understanding of the context of a given challenge or problem set. We will look at how the Five Measures can be used to gain a more comprehensive view of how an organization, team, or individual is pre-disposed to enable—or disable—greater adoption/practice of Agile. When applied in the context of the PMO Agility Canvas, this tool can help participants gain a greater understanding of the environmental and cultural challenges the PMO faces in supporting the Agile adoption.

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