The State of Scrum: Benchmarks & Guidelines

Earlier this summer the Scrum Alliance released the 2013 report “The State of Scrum: Benchmarks and Guidelines”. The report gleans insights from approximately 500 participants spread across 70 countries and details who is practicing Scrum, why they’re using it, as well as key challenges and success criteria to be aware of when adopting Scrum. Finally, an outlook into the future of Scrum is included.

Here are some key highlights from the report that are worth noting:

  • Scrum is still the most widely adopted Agile framework with 40% of respondents choosing it over others. Kanban (with some elements of Scrum) came in second at 15%.
  • Almost half of respondents are using Scrum frequently, or always, within their organizations.
  • 41% of respondents agreed that fulfilling customer needs was the number one reason for using Scrum. 18% of respondents are using it to meet budget, time, and scope constraints. Another 18% are using it for projects that will drive innovation and market share.
  • 54% of organizations agree, or strongly agree, that certification of their people improves their chances of sustained success.

Read on for the full report here and if you’re considering how Scrum might help you achieve your goals, please reach out to us here at SolutionsIQ. With multiple certified Scrum professionals and trainers available with many years of hands-on experience, we are ready to help you succeed with Scrum. 

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