The XP Developer Shortage

If you have not been in the job market recently, you may not know that there is a shortage of software developers. This issue has existed for at least 2 years, and the continued rebound from the Great Recession has enhanced this problem. If you are a software developer, I would be surprised if you have not been approached by recruiters or people who you used to work with. The result of this market change: It’s a good time to be a developer.

SolutionsIQ free Agile developer trainingThe IT industry is also seeing the increasing acceptance of Agile practices in American enterprises. Most developers do not follow Extreme Programming (XP) practices, which in our experience are fundamental to achieving the promised benefits of Agile. We have seen repeatedly that practicing XP results in higher quality, dependable delivery, and higher development team job satisfaction. And guess what? This experience puts you in even higher demand.

SolutionsIQ wants to expose more people to the Agile/Scrum/XP practices. The best way to learn these technical practices is with hands-on training. For this reason, we have launched a series of FREE classes to provide this opportunity to more people. We also want to meet developers who are interested in making this evolutionary change in their skills. The only cost involved is if the attendee wants to pursue their Certified Scrum Developer credential from the Scrum Alliance. Otherwise, participation is free for qualified participants.

What do we get out of it? We get to know people that share our passion for developing better software more frequently, people who get what it means to be responsive to business value challenges. So look for class coming soon to cities near you!

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