Welcome to the Age of Business Agility

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From now on, the organizations that are able to outperform the competition will do so by outlearning them. By becoming a learning organization, you’ll re-equip and re-energize your business to innovate and deliver more effectively than new market entrants – while remaining open to disrupting your own products and business models to survive and thrive into the future.

Welcome to the age of business agility.

Sponsoring the 2019 Business Agility Report

Source: https://businessagility.institute/learn/business-agility-report-2018/

Collaborating with forward-thinking organizations across the Agile community, like the Business Agility Institute, we dedicate our research efforts to understanding shifting market trends, data and business needs – all with a single objective in mind: to continually enhance our ability to serve clients and the wider community.

As a founding member and global sponsor of the Business Agility Institute, our commitment to this goal is unwavering. We strive to leverage our global reach with clients and partners across our ecosystem to expand participation in future iterations of the survey and related report.

With this in mind, we’re excited to be partnering with Business Agility Institute and Agility Health to increase the already extraordinary impact being made by the groundbreaking work within this community. Please join the growing number of leading organizations around the globe that are sharing lessons learned from their own business agility transformations. With your help, we can make the 2019 Business Agility Report better than ever. And if you haven’t yet had a chance to, we invite you to explore the 2018 Business Agility Report further.

We dedicate our research efforts to understanding shifting market trends, data and business needs – all with a single objective in mind: to continually enhance our ability to serve clients and the wider community.

Crossing the Chasm

One key observation we have made about the survey demographics is that the two largest groups of participants were from consulting organizations and information technology. If you think about it, this actually makes sense. These are two groups that we would expect to be on the forefront as early adopters of business agility, given that most businesses today expect to operate with Agile mindsets and practices or, if they haven’t reached this stage yet, to at least strive for it. We’re encouraged to see results from other key industries like financial services, manufacturing and entertainment.

Looking forward into next year, we are optimistic that we will see even more participation from these and other industry segments, primarily because we are committed to leveraging our global client network to help reveal more impactful insights. We believe we are at a tipping point, where we will see more and more industries cross the chasm and become early majority adopters of business agility.

Source: https://businessagility.institute/learn/business-agility-report-2018/

Survey Findings Reflect Our Experience with Clients

For our clients, key themes are emerging around the major challenges that large global organizations face during their business agility journeys, and these themes are similar to what the 2018 Business Agility Report revealed.

Firstly, culture and leadership are often two of the most prominent aspects of an organization that can present challenges to success with business agility. What we have found – and this was corroborated in the report – is that in order to address these challenges, organizations need to be prepared to apply sound change management principles to support a widespread culture change. Further, in order to help leadership achieve new mindset changes, leadership itself needs to be willing to receive coaching ongoing throughout the transformation.

Secondly, challenges that surfaced in the report tend to concern supporting functions within the business, such as human resources, finance and budgeting. Including these supporting functions in the transformation is essential, and for many organizations it is wise to start running experiments on new ways of working early in the transformation. For example, it might be wise to start learning about some of the radical new concepts around planning that are introduced in the Beyond Budgeting movement and experimenting with how that can help create more agility in your funding and planning cycles.

Including supporting functions in your business agility transformation is essential. For many organizations, it is wise to start running experiments on new ways of working early on.

Business Benefits

Source: https://businessagility.institute/learn/business-agility-report-2018/

We found this year’s report very revealing in terms of the benefits that survey participants are reporting as a result of their investment in business agility. Highlights include market success, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Often when we work with our clients, one of the first questions we hear is “How can we show quantitative evidence of a future business benefit?” While the report makes no guarantee of a one-to-one correlation between transformation cost or duration and business outcome, as this report continues to gain traction and reveal further insights, we expect to see more quantifiable evidence of market success as a result of investing in business agility.

Looking forward into the future, we are eager to see what types of correlations can be revealed between organizational maturity in business agility and business results, as expressed in measures of economic value, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. This is one of the primary drivers that is motivating our participation and sponsorship of this effort. Many of our clients are also interested in this type of information, as are many organizations in the broader business agility community – and for good reason. Better data means better learning, which leads to better outcomes.

This is your opportunity to share learnings from your organization’s journey towards business agility by participating in the 2019 Business Agility Report. We believe that, in 2019, we will see the network effect of the report reach a tipping-point with businesses around the world. It’s an inspiring goal to aim for – and one we hope you’ll commit to helping us achieve, together.

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