What It’s Like to Work at SolutionsIQ


Ever wonder how SolutionsIQ parties?? Wonder no more!

SolutionsIQ invited all employees to join us in New Orleans, Louisiana, to create new connections; maintain existing ones; communicate the company mission, vision and values; and have a roaring good time! And we have had a lot to celebrate: continuing to bring our community closer together, reaching out to the wider Agile community, beginning new and innovative partnerships, and bringing transformative change to our clients, many of whom rank in the Fortune 100!

Here we are, owning the streets of NOLA as we parade to the dock where we board the Steamboat Natchez for an evening of dinner, drinks and jazz!


Our employees are excited that SolutionsIQ is investing in them not just for fun but for growth, both professional and personal. In 2017 we will be focusing even more on helping our people unlock their own potential and their passion, so that we as a company can continue to expand. Every year we have more customers and partners, and every year we bring on more amazing individuals with capabilities and characteristics that few people in the world even possess. The result is that SolutionsIQ has created a community of practitioners, leaders and support staff that not only make a difference in the world, but are also jazzed to work here with others that they just really like.

Imagine that – liking the people you work with! It doesn’t have to be monumental, and yet it is. No wonder we’re celebrating!

Wanna join the party? Then you gotta believe:

SolutionsIQ Mission


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