A Capacity for Change

How Agile Coaching Helped an Industry Pioneer go from Stalled to Stellar


To help us get a better idea of how the client saw this coaching engagement, we interviewed a director-level client representative. These interview excerpts convey her take on their key takeaways, challenges, and life after coaching.

Over a seven-month period, our Agile coach worked with a broadband Internet provider to launch 10 Agile teams with the goal of improving quality and speed to market. Using Agile release trains (a concept from the SAFe framework), our Agile coach helped the leadership team better visualize the flow of work across the organization. This big picture view enabled them to reduce log jams by pulling from a prioritized product portfolio. The client also implemented two Agile enablement teams, who are working to sustain success by extending agility beyond the software teams.

Just The Facts

Industry: Broadband Internet
Number of Employees: 400+
Length of Engagement: 7 Months
Teams Launched: 10
Number of Coaches: 1

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