A Tale of Two Teams and Two Times

Why A Slow Start Doesn’t Signal Failure, Any More Than a Fast Start Guarantees Long-Term Success.

A travel services client asked us to help them implement Agile in the hopes it would hasten a return to the energy and excitement of the boom times. Our Agile coaches began with two pilot teams. The first team rocketed through the launch, while the second struggled to escape the gravity of the status quo. Through a series of in-depth conversations and calculated adjustments, our Agile coaches were able to help the second team take off. Soon the second team had surpassed the one that had taken to Agile so easily. Meanwhile, the company experienced greatly improved release times and found ways to save millions of dollars through streamlining and automation. It goes to show that you can’t just flip a switch and suddenly be Agile; and you can’t always rely on the tools of the past to propel you forward in the future. Sometimes you need a little help to move you in the right direction.

Just the Facts

Industry: Travel
Teams Launched: 15
Number of Employees: 250-1,000
Number of Coaches: 2
Engagement Type: Agile launch
Length of Engagement: Less than 1 year

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