An Investment in Innovation

How a change of pace helped one organization find time for creativity


A financial services company was bogged down by the relentless pressure to deliver and asked us to help their teams manage rising levels of burnout and technical debt, with the ultimate goal of establishing a sustainable pace, faster speed to market, and higher quality. Our Agile coaches helped the teams break away from destructive patterns and find new ways of working. Through training and coaching, our coaches helped to reset the Agile effort and create a renewed focus on small, cross-functional teams, a steady iteration cadence, and the importance of building quality into delivery. The result was a fast-moving program whose teams can deliver consistently, at a healthy and sustainable pace, while carving out time for innovation and improvement.

Just the Facts

Industry: Financial Services
Teams Launched: 10
Number of Employees: 45k
Number of Coaches: 3
Engagement Type: Agile Refactor
Length of Engagement: >1 year

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