Give Credit to Collaboration & Commitment

From Low Expectations to Forecast-Topping Results


Not too long ago, a financial services company called on our Agile coaches to work with both leadership and development teams as they transitioned to an Agile process. Through a combination of training and coaching, our coaches helped a 120-person group successfully launch 10 Agile teams and institute company-wide practices for sustained success with Scrum. By the time our coaches left, features that used to take more than a year to build and release were complete and ready for production every month. Teams that used to work in silos, unaware of how their work impacted others, became a cohesive group, working together toward a common vision and achieving previously unimaginable results.

Just the Facts

Industry: Financial Services
Teams Launched: 10
Number of Employees: 250k
Number of Coaches: 2
Engagement Type: Agile launch
Length of Engagement: <1 year

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