No Reservations Against Change

How a Multinational Online Travel Company Scaled Out Agile Success Through Transparency and Innovation


This premier online travel booking company with revenues of nearly $6 billion called for help with their Scrum teams who, despite making modest gains, had yet to deliver on the company’s expectations. Through personalized training and targeted pair coaching that championed transparency, the client achieved their goals of providing Agile training to almost 2000 individuals, creating custom training materials that fulfilled their needs, and training internal Agile “guides” capable of delivering further training and coaching at other client sites. Using Agile to teach Agile, SolutionsIQ helped the client upgrade their teams from coach to first class, thus dispelling any reservations the company might have had about the efficacy of Agile.

Just the Facts

Industry: Online Travel
Number of Employees: 15k
Annual Revenue: $5 Billion+
Number of Coaches: 2
Length of Engagement: 12 months
People Served: 2000

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