SAFe and Beyond

Leveraging transformation to release high quality first-to-market products 600% faster.


This case study follows a six-month engagement with a large, pharmaceutical supply chain management company. After training, coaching and consulting in Agile values and principles and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) from SolutionsIQ, the client was able to deliver a first-to-market product by the end of the engagement—with zero defects. This is in stark contrast to previous product releases, which required three years, followed by months of rework to meet customer needs and to fix defects. The client has maintained this pace and quality in the three years since this engagement with minimal additional help from SolutionsIQ, proving that expert guidance in Agile principles and SAFe practices was what the client needed to drastically reduce cycle time and improve product quality. Executive leadership and management, embedded coaching and a clear vision of the transformative end state were key to the success of this engagement and our client’s self-sustainability.

Just the Facts

Industry: Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management
Number of Employees: 15k
Annual Revenue: $100 Billion+
People Served: 100

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