Applied Lean Quality Management in a SAFe Enterprise Solution Delivery ERP Environment

This presentation is collaborative effort between Thomas Karl and Malte Kumlehn of Accenture and Peter Pedross of PEDCO.

Learn why a lean quality management system can establish trust, alignment and in particular relieve the regulatory compliance in Enterprise Solution Delivery. Discover which skill set is required and what is good platform to start with a pragmatic example for an ERP implementation. Know how the product quality, lean quality management and value streams are connected and why lean quality management is a strong accelerator to establish business agility in a large company with focus achieving regulatory compliance. How process quality is interconnected to DevOps, releasability and test automation and how to increase process quality. We explore why improving the process quality has a significant impact to the overall quality mindset of an organization and is a booster for each and every agile transformation. Our good practices and pitfalls while establishing a lean quality management approach with SAFe ERP environment can help to start implementing these in your organization.

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