Employee Gathering
February 13, 2015

It’s been a few weeks already but the echo of our collaborative collision is still resonating in the halls of Redmond! This January SolutionIQ held its semi-annual two-day gathering, which marked our official merging with BigVisible. In many ways, SolutionsIQ and BigVisible are the giants of Agile consultancy—and now we’ve combined forces and exponentially increased the Agile awesome in the world! Consultants and support staff from all over the country—East Coast, West Coast—and even India came together to build ties, maintain existing connections, and recharge our collective battery, all the while learning lots and having monkey-barrels of fun before, during and after “office hours”. (Quaint notion, that…) The positive energy throughout the office—and even in the parking lot during one memorable breakout session led by monkey-barrel-fun coordinator Simon MacPherson—was palpable: people of all kinds interfacing—often for the first time ever—and sharing their passions, hopes and wishes for the coming year. SolutionsIQ as a company owns this experience—and ultimately leverages it as a tool to learn, grow, scale, and innovate. I mean: look at all the faces of those shiny happy people! Eat your heart out, R.E.M.