Agile Managers: Redefine Your Role

Managers? We don’t need no stinkin’ managers! Or do we…?

The advent of Agile and subsequent wide-spread adoption rate have left many managers ill at ease. They often wonder, vocally, “Where do I fit in in an Agile organization?” In this webinar, SolutionsIQ Principal Consultant William Rowden sheds some light on what might at first seem a gloomy situation for managers. Through his own experiences alternating between the roles of CTO, Agile coach, Director, software engineering manager, William describes how he leveraged these traditionally “managerial” roles to support Agile adoption at many client sites. In doing so, he has managed to find a clear need that managers can fulfill in an Agile organization. In short, he became the closest thing to an “Agile Manager”. He also touches on how active leadership can help the transformation from a hierarchical system where humans are “managed to death” to a flatter architecture where managers foster Agile tenets such as team self-organization and empowerment.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how a managerial role can support Agile initiatives through:
    • Facilitating team self-organization using tools like integrative elections
    • Pairing with developers and analyzing code
    • Using models, scripts and tools to improve communication
    • Supporting and empowering the human systems they lead and influence
  • Learn how active leadership in doing the above is a key to success in Agile transformations