Delivery Agility: The (Imaginary) Battle Between Agile & DevOps

The Agile Manifesto, and its companion set of 12 principles, was penned in 2001, dawning the era of ever-higher aspirations for software quality, along with more human-centric work processes and greater reduction of waste. The seventh Agile principle states that “Working software is the primary measure of progress” and that, to best address it, “Close, daily cooperation between business people and developers” (the fourth Agile principle) was needed. And yet in 2008 a term was coined to address a new bottleneck, not between business and development, but between development and operations. Thus, DevOps was born. Now new factions, under the banner of “Agile” or “DevOps,” bicker over verbiage. Meanwhile, the true battle rages on: the majority of businesses on earth still struggle to quickly deliver high-quality value that delights customers and responds to their needs.

In this webinar, the fifth and final installation in our Business Agility Webinar Series, we seek to return focus to the true problem – actually delivering high-quality products, services and technology using approaches that foster a collaborative, transparent and sustainable culture – which we call “Delivery Agility.” Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Dave Haws and Greg Bledsoe set aside the jargon to identify necessary mindset shifts that still impede Delivery Agility and outline ways that businesses can forge ahead.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand what Agile delivery is, what DevOps is, and why both strive for the same outcome
  2. Understand high-level concepts like software craftsmanship, personal development and accountability, team dynamics, servant leadership, feedback loops, and value stream in an Agile context
  3. How Delivery Agility is foundational to customer delight
  4. Be able to identify common obstacles to Delivery Agility in your own organization

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