Enterprise Lean Startup
Innovate or Die!

Companies must innovate or die. Small companies have little brand equity to risk, and can develop great empathy with markets and users as they iterate rapidly towards great products. Larger companies, especially those enjoying market-dominant products, become inwardly focused and conservative and become increasingly dependent on the preservation of status quo revenue streams. Their employees compete for internal resources instead of inventing better ways to serve customers and disrupt markets. Eventually more agile competitors respond to the voice of the customer, and disruption overtakes the slow and bureaucratic incumbent who succumbs to irrelevance.

SolutionsIQ’s Enterprise Innovation services are designed to help enterprises engage the creative and competitive energies of their employees, focus resources on customers and markets, and provide the supporting tools and practices to convert ideation and innovation to business results in competitiveness and growth.

In the first installment of an exciting series of webinars, an industry leader in lean startup thinking and innovation will provide an introductory webinar on the tools and techniques that SolutionsIQ uses in support of innovation and lean startup consulting with our clients.

Additional Topics:

  • Lean Principles
  • What is Lean Startup
  • Business Model Development
  • Personas and empathy with buyer and users
  • Intro to innovation management and accounting
  • How Lean Startup can be applied in Enterprises