Innovation Colonies: Incubating the Future of Your Business

When people think about the future, colonizing Mars comes quickly to mind: how do we get there, how do we build a world we can comfortably live in, what sorts of resources will we find there and need to bring from back home? It goes without saying that some of the things we take for granted on Earth–like the very air we breathe–doesn’t even apply there. If there’s no oxygen in the Martian atmosphere, how different must the rest of it be? And yet, in business, enterprises fool themselves into believing that they can populate the future with success in the exact same way that they achieved today’s successes. The future is Mars, however: you don’t know what you’ll have until it’s there in front of you. As with the Red Planet, the way for the enterprise to prepare for the future is to invest in innovation colonies — structures supporting radically autonomous teams aimed at rapidly producing disruptive ideas and converting the viable ones into tomorrow’s new enterprise businesses.

Jeff Steinberg will explore what an innovation colony is and how large organizations are using them to create innovation flow as their greatest competitive advantage for the future. Attendees will learn where most enterprise innovation programs are going wrong, and how you can build an environment that produces disruptive innovations and makes finding product-market fit a repeatable process.

Learning Objectives

Attendees will leave this webinar with an understanding of:

  • The problems with today’s approaches to innovation (hackathons, innovation sprints, innovation labs, and more)
  • The principles of innovation in the enterprise
  • The difference between “sustaining” innovation and “disruptive” innovation
  • What an innovation colony is and how they’re structured to create disruptive innovation