Leading Agile Change: Proven Change Management Approaches for Agile Transformation

Many change leaders approach Agile adoption with naïve expectations. They don’t understand that training and coaching teams alone won’t be enough to ensure that their Agile initiative succeeds. Agile transformation entails change that will be broadly felt throughout the organization in policies, processes, mindset and culture. The key to successfully leading change that runs this deep is organizational change management. Organizational change management helps change leaders usher in extensive operational and structural changes. Even more important, it helps leaders facilitate the human aspects of change that occur during Agile transformations. In this webinar, we discuss what an Agile transformation is, how to successfully engage stakeholders, the critical role of change management and how to lead Agile change successfully.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn proven practices and approaches to organizational change management in the context of an Agile transformation
  2. Understand why the transition from a traditional enterprise model to business agility requires a full-scale transformation
  3. Understand the role of change management in a successful Agile transformation
  4. Understand how change leadership, executives, management and all stakeholders across the enterprise must champion the change through continuous collaboration and communication