Organizational Adaptability Through Active Executive Sponsorship

Many organizations are on their second, third, fourth and even fifth attempts to implement Agile in an effort to update business processes and reap the benefits of enterprise agility. Despite so many failed attempts, they keep trying – but why? Part of the reason is that the need for Agile transformation is still deeply felt, whereas the approach to implementation has been lacking active executive sponsorship to yield sustained success.

This is a key aim of business agility. In our last webinar, “Leadership Effectiveness: Guiding the Way to Business Agility,” we looked at how leaders need to change their perspectives and approach to leading people and managing systems and introduced the nine domains of Agile leadership. In this webinar, we expand the scope of leadership to include organizational agility. SolutionsIQ’s Brent Barton will pair with Mike De Luca, a Program Director of the North American Beyond Budgeting Round Table, to discuss how leaders must stop delegating point solutions and start creating an effective organizational change alliance. Critical to the sustained success of business agility is active executive sponsorship.

Learning Objectives

  • Articulate the difference between active executive sponsorship and delegation
  • Understand why executive delegation fails to produce desired results
  • Understand the key points of effective and active executive sponsorship
  • Understand how active executive sponsorship enables organizations to evolve continuous portfolio and financial management and planning approaches to be lean and responsive

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