2018 Business Agility Report

As a founding member of the Business Agility Institute (BAI), we believe that the next generation of companies is Agile, innovative and dynamic – perfectly designed to thrive in today’s unpredictable markets. The adoption of business agility mindsets, structures, and practices is accelerating. Not a day goes by without a press release from a major corporation announcing their transformation. And despite the hype, it’s more than a buzzword. It is a significant, yet nuanced, change in the ways companies operate.

394 respondents from 166 companies from around the world took part in the first-ever Business Agility survey, rating their maturity and sharing their insights, challenges, and successes.

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Key Findings

The survey found that most organizations rate their current business agility fluency relatively low, but have enthusiasm and hope for the future. Many respondents report that they are struggling with transforming entrenched culture and processes; most commonly developing new funding models and transforming HR, Finance, and other supporting functions.

Despite these challenges, most survey respondents also report that they are experiencing tangible benefits from their investment in business agility; from better ways of working, increased employee and customer satisfaction, and improved market performance.

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