Agility in the Age of Enterprise Solutions

The best way to implement any enterprise solution is to place the customer central to the system’s purpose while making economic tradeoffs to ensure that the system delivers the greatest value with the most reasonable total cost of ownership. Whether companies adopt a system “off the shelf” or completely customize, choosing the right implementation approach can put companies on a better path to business agility.

Accenture’s “SAFe for Enterprise Solutions” offers key benefits over traditional vendor-driven approaches, such as SAP’s Activate and Oracle’s Unified Method or their derivatives:

  • Emphasizes pivot opportunities that increase business agility
  • Implements lean practices with enterprise solutions delivery
  • Requires ongoing business engagement and alignment
  • Implements continuous integration and validation cycles with
    “continuish” deployment
  • Encourages flexible and resilient architecture with digital decoupling
  • Focuses on continually evolving the system with an economic view

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While SAFe alone can simplify the implementation of any enterprise solution, it is not enough. This white paper focuses on nine key adaptations needed to increase the efficacy of SAFe in achieving successful and efficient implementations:

  1. Start with the Solution Train
  2. Think “minimum integrated business process” (MIBP)
  3. Use the BPML as guidance, not as structure
  4. Use Capability Strings to map value in short segments that can be independently validated
  5. Use WRICEF objects as SAFe Features
  6. Use an estimator for Capability WSJF “Job Size”
  7. Think “continuish” deployment
  8. Continually evolve the live enterprise system
  9. Adapt the SAFe Implementation Roadmap for enterprise solutions