The Business Value of Agile Transformation


The potential benefits of full-scale Agile are enormous, although rarely fully realized. Many of the companies that adopt Agile are simply not prepared to make the far-reaching changes necessary to obtain the full benefit. Executive sponsor reluctance is understandable, since some of the most talked about Agile benefits, such as employee well-being and business adaptability, are also notoriously difficult to measure. However, there are many Agile benefits that can be and are being measured in traditional business terms. Our purpose here is to make the Agile sponsor’s job easier by clearly demonstrating how specific Agile features link to tangible performance improvements. We discuss six business benefits that are available to any company that adopts Agile that can be measured using traditional financial and production metrics.

  1. Reduced failed project risk
  2. Reduced over-budget and late projects
  3. Reduced waste
  4. Improved return through early and frequent releases
  5. Reduced write-off risk
  6. Higher-quality software with fewer defects

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