“What Moves You” by the Business Agility Institute

The Art of Incentives and Rewards in Agile Organizations

Imagine leading a workforce that LOVES what they do. A group of motivated individuals who, not only, come into the office to do their job, but take ownership of their work, build respectful connections with their peers and delight their customers.

Unfortunately, traditional employment contracts and reward programs are ineffective at, and at times counterintuitive to, creating such a workforce. Most organizations use blunt instruments like negotiated base pay and individual performance-based annual bonuses to motivate their staff.

Business agility changes this. In the white paper “What Moves You” – produced and released by the Business Agility Institute – we learn how Agile organizations tap into the intrinsic motivations of their team members. These include a combination of meaningful forward-looking incentives and backward-looking rewards designed to complement each other. Learn principles and practices you can start using today to motivate your own team!

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