Agile Coaches are Bad at Being Coached

Agile consultant, international keynote speaker, and author Samantha Laing is passionate about self-care – going so far as to chair one of the tracks at Agile2020 on the topic. The crazy thing about it is that agile coaches often don’t find time to give themselves the same level of care and attention that they give to others. As Laing puts it, “we’re really bad at having our own coaches. I know very few … who actually have coaches.”

Self-care isn’t necessarily about yoga retreats or a spa day (despite what Instagramers will have you believe): instead, at the root of self-care self-discovery. Laing’s journey in life and in agile has led to some lasting discoveries: “My wife and I have drastically cut down on how we live and how we tread on the earth… I’m focused on being my best self, which for me means having a lighter footprint on the earth.”

Samantha Laing’s words of wisdom are: “We’re all amazing, kind, generous human beings – every single one of us.”

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Emilia Breton hosts.