Allies Don’t Sit on the Sidelines

Agile coach Chris Murman is an active blogger, conference speaker, board member of the Agile Uprising Coalition and a recognized ally for women in the Agile community. But what is an ally? According to Murman, it’s someone who intentionally chooses to make room for people that society hasn’t always made room for. He shares his stories of awareness and becoming a coach that naturally led to him being a strong proponent for women, minorities and other voices that aren’t always well represented.

Murman rallies for others to get involved, to not stand idly by: “You can’t sit on the sidelines and call yourself an advocate: you have to do something – where am I giving my money, where am I giving my time, what do my words say?”

Chris Murman’s Words of Wisdom for allies

  • “Just show up – you don’t need to know anything or prepare anything. Be prepared to engage, be curious.”
  • “Men often don’t understand the privilege we’ve gotten, or maybe they don’t want to see it.” Ask yourself, “What have I received that I didn’t necessarily earn?”

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