Blatant Gender Discrimination in the Agile Community

Dana James-Edwards is an agilist through-and-through. She is leveraging her talent in this area as she transitions her career focus solely towards enabling companies to come to grips with what it takes to truly enable diversity and inclusion.

This kind of conversation is the reason we launched this podcast, to give voice to the stories of women who are still discriminated against in our agile community. James-Edwards, herself a black woman with years of experience working in technology, shares a heart-wrenching example of an organization she encountered just this year where women working as agile coaches “were being put in the corner, were being put in the backseat, were being disrespected, were being overlooked for promotions.”

She also gives advice for how to catalyze change in your own organization.

“There was a period where being black took a backseat to being female.”

Leslie Morse hosts.

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