Confessions of a Promiscuous Co-Presenter

Allison Pollard is part of the next generation of agile thought leaders. Through her stories, we learn she loves changing up her glasses and that she loves co-presenting with people who “catch her brain.”

She shares a story about a seemingly chaotic organization-wide coaching initiative – a story which seeded a memorable Agile2019 presentation she co-presented with Skylar Watson, a fellow agile coach.

Favorite quote (on the topic of her changing glasses):

“I usually pick out a pair that kind of scares me initially when I look in the mirror – like, I’m not sure who that is, [but] I can take a year and find out.”

Pollard’s words of wisdom: “As much as you think you know, there’s so much more out there…”

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse hosts.