Embrace Your “Yet”

Christina Hartikainen recently joined ICAgile as Director of Agile Learning, and she has been on her own agile learning journey ever since, as a business analyst, she was “voluntold” to be a product owner at a former employer. Last year, she was the chair for Agile2019, an “amazing and intense” experience with high highs and low lows: “We had over 2000 submissions … and only 280 speaking slots. I sent out almost 1800 nos.”

“Not everybody learns the same way…” Hartikainen acknowledges, expressing her hope to help people embrace their “yet.” “There’s a drive behind yet,” she says. “There’s this idea of someday… Someday, I’m gonna hit that goal because I’m embracing it in myself that I can’t do it yet.”

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse hosts.

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