How to Set Up an Environment for Diversity 

Jeffrey Davidson is an executive and Enterprise Transformation Coach and Consultant. He has enabled personal development for thousands of individuals over the course of his career. We dive into the question of how to go about teaching leaders to cultivate diversity within their teams.

Davidson takes two approaches: Asking blunt questions and taking simple steps. For example, he may ask leadership, “How many women are on the teams and what kinds of roles do they have?” to get them thinking about their organization’s diversity. He also helps them realize that “in every meeting, every person there has a voice, every voice has value, and some people need a few extra seconds or few extra minutes to respond. Just because some people talk a lot doesn’t mean they should, and just because some people don’t want to talk doesn’t mean you should allow them to never talk.”

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse hosts.

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