Infusing Product Management with Agile Principles and Practices

Ellen Gottesdiener, a product coach, author, and CEO of EBG Consulting, shares her wisdom about marrying product management with Agile principles and practices. She speculates a future where there will be a “blending of disciplines where you don’t necessarily have a business area and a technology area”, just one product team with interdisciplinary team members. Her piece of advice to product people: Have strategic awareness of your product in the marketplace or “big view”, and get rid of junk in the backlog.

Gottesdiener also takes us down the memory lane to the beginnings of the Agile Conference – she has attended every one of them since Salt Lake City. She reminds us of the women who have had a large impact on the Agile community from the very beginning.

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse hosts.