Merging Agile and Hawaiian Wisdom

Erin Kaohelaulii-Brett wakes up every day ready to motivate others to be a catalyst for change. An agile coach in the healthcare insurance industry, she shares her unique story of going from super skeptical to change champion – all while finding ways to integrate lessons from Hawaiian language and culture into her daily work.

The agile transformation initiative at her employer started strong then fizzled after the external consultants rolled off. Kaohelaulii-Brett invokes the Hawaiian concept of an ahupuaʻa (a communal land division stretching from the mountain to the ocean where natural resources were cultivated and exchanged) that thrived for years because of strong teamwork.

“You needed that teamwork to survive back then… Just looking back at my ancestors and how they were able to survive and thrive, I’m like, ‘I can do this.’”

Leslie Morse hosts.

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