Newbie at an Agile Conference

First time Agile Alliance conference attendees Mary Bobbitt and Sabine Khan share their experiences at Agile2019. If you’ve been on the fence about experiencing the largest annual Agile conference in the world, don’t miss this episode.

Bobbit and Khan give tips for navigating the conference, meeting others, and how to make yourself memorable in a crowd of nearly 2,000. They emphasize the sense of community and comradery among other agilist at the conference: “Going to Agile2019, our context may be different, but our problems are so similar, our opportunities and wins are so similar.”

The duo also attended the Women in Agile session and discuss how the movement has impacted the community at large: “It wasn’t just women talking about women’s issues, it was ‘how do we encourage honest dialogue about diversity, and specifically gender diversity, in an industry that has been historically dominated by men.”

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse hosts.

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