TenWomenStrong: Leading Life on Purpose

Lyssa Adkins and Kat Conner chat with the Women in Agile podcast to share their journey with TENWOMENSTRONG. Lyssa Adkins is a coach and facilitator, teacher and inspirer whose book “Coaching Agile Teams” has had a lasting impact on the Agile industry and community. Kat Conner is a Business Agility Innovator with Accenture | SolutionsIQ who brings deep leadership, change management and organizational agility knowledge to her clients.

After more than two decades of being acquaintances and then friends, the two only realized they shared the same desire to further the representation, leadership and empowerment of women in the Agile space. Says Conner, “When I think about agility, so many of the things that we hold dear, such as transparency, communication and collaboration, are really strong feminine qualities and energies.”

As for Adkins, she says, “There’s a bunch of masculine shells that I’ve put onto my femininity to fit myself into the world as it is.” Now the two are collaborating with TENWOMENSTRONG to help bring more feminine energy into the business world and life in general, especially in leadership. Why? As Adkins puts it, women have “the ability to go into the unknown and mystery for a long time to see what emerges.”

Kat’s Words of Wisdom:

“If you feel called, if this speaks to you in any way, talk to one of us or give us a call. We’re very open to sharing our experiences and how this may serve you in this moment of your life.”

Lyssa’s Words of Wisdom:

“All I really want is women being themselves and leading in their way because I think the world needs us to do that.”

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse hosts.

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