Guiding Teams to Deliver Consistent Value

Agile Coaching cultivates the capabilities of each team member in their specific roles and enables them to deliver customer value rapidly. Our Agile coaches connect with your delivery teams anywhere and help you navigate through real-world challenges. SolutionsIQ leverages deep experience and mastery in Agile coaching to help you identify the obstacles preventing your teams from delivering consistent customer value. Whether you want coaching for one team, dozens or hundreds, we can help.

Comprehensive Coaching

Agile coaching centers around building out both technical capabilities that yield better software products faster and workflow capabilities that enable team members to deliver greater customer value. SolutionsIQ’s Agile Coaching solution focuses first on assessing a team’s baseline capabilities and then helping you create a custom program to build out each team member’s skills, techniques and knowledge.

Technical Coaching

Technical Coaching introduces Agile software engineering practices, which enable progressive capabilities such as Continuous Delivery and DevOps. Deliver consistently high quality code sprint after sprint.

Workflow Coaching

Workflow coaching helps identify and address areas of waste and impediments to delivery and collaboration. Leverage Agile approaches like Scrum, Kanban and Lean to evolve your workflow.

Striking the Right Balance

Coaching is about bringing out the best in individuals and leveraging their experience and knowledge so they can solve their own problems. Our Agile coaches help accelerate teams past the tricky parts that even the best training cannot prepare you for. We go the extra mile to lead where necessary, and then to support the team as they gain momentum and start moving in the right direction. Balancing coaching capabilities with mentoring, teaching and facilitating, SolutionsIQ’s coaches transform talented individuals into an awesome Agile team.

Scaled Success

Good coaches can coach a team or two, but how do you scale Agile coaching across an enterprise? SolutionsIQ can help you through the many challenges that are likely to arise. Together we establish a repeatable pattern for integrating additional Agile teams in the form of a Coaching Office, which will help you grow and mature as an Agile organization.

Coaching only gets you partway to your business objectives, however. We offer a custom Agile Transformation Solution with training, workshops, consulting and organizational change management to provide the supporting structure that makes Agile at scale a reality.

What’s Next?

If you’re just getting started or are in the middle of a transformation, SolutionsIQ will connect you with a Solutions Consultant who can help you navigate your Agile journey. Get the experts. Nothing Less.

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