Tuning Your Portfolio Management Capability

High-performing Agile delivery capability isn’t enough if your teams are allocated to the wrong strategic priorities. In today’s fast-paced world, external changes and feedback from the teams provides data that can and should inform current execution plans and portfolio strategies. With Agile portfolio management, the flood of real-time data is used to strategize more frequently than just yearly. Because Agile teams deliver early and often, even continuous planning cycles can be a reality as well.

Agile Portfolio Management Workshop

Your first step is to establish awareness by bringing key individuals together for an in-depth introduction to the Agile portfolio management concepts.  Our two- day Agile Portfolio Management Workshop introduces the key practice of matching your actual capacity (supply) to your strategic portfolio investments (demand) in a data-driven manner. Through a portfolio management simulation, we drive home the importance of connecting highlevel strategic plans to the work your teams do everyday so you have the flexibility to optimize your strategy or the work to seize new opportunities or adapt to market changes.

Workshop Topics

SolutionsIQ’s expert consultants are pioneering thought leaders in Agile portfolio management. We deliver the education, skill development and implementation support that you need to get out of a reactive mode and embrace the principles, tools and techniques required for business agility. Workshop topics include:

  • Portfolio optimization strategies
  • Investment sectors and financial governance
  • Scenario management » Aligning demand to supply
  • Smaller commitments on larger investments
  • Return on Team
  • Progressive detailing and operating with “good enough” data
  • Portfolio management simulation

What’s Next?

If you’re interested in bringing the Agile Portfolio Management workshop to your organization or just getting started, SolutionsIQ will connect you with a Solutions Consultant who can help you navigate your Agile journey. Get the experts. Nothing Less.

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