A Business Agility Mindset

Agile methods. Scaling. Lean Business Processes. Without such practices, businesses struggle to keep up with the pace of technology and change. Mastering these practices requires more than implementation. It requires transformation — of team and organizational structures, management and leadership styles, incentives and governance. But most of all, your organization needs a mindset transformation.

Built on a foundation of Agile and Lean principles, business agility fosters a culture of engagement, collaboration and innovation that involves all levels of the organization from development teams to portfolio management and leadership. The resulting Agile enterprise is a highly-adaptive, rapid-learning business that is capable of rapidly delivering customer value and responsively pivoting even complex, large-scale programs.

The Transformation Path

With business agility, value delivery and learning occurs quickly and frequently, managers become champions of lean efficiency, and your organization becomes more resilient to change. But first, the delivery organization, business and IT must demonstrate the ability to release high-quality product to customers — a capability our DevOps Transformation solution delivers. After achieving Agile transformation, market-driving and disruptive innovation capabilities can be realized through our Digital Transformation solution.

Our Approach

We’ll help you evaluate your current capabilities and help you build a path to become a highly adaptive organization. Throughout the transformation we help you adopt the ideal mix of principles and practices to optimize your organizational performance. Through a unique combination of advice, training, coaching, and immersive learning, your organization will learn to:

  • Align around common purpose and shared goals
  • Grow high-performing, highly collaborative, self-organizing teams
  • Deliver products incrementally and iteratively with unparalleled quality
  • Improve predictability and match capacity to demand
  • Create a stronger delivery ecosystem through transparency and co-creation
  • Scale Agile across business units and through value streams

Agile improves the entire organization, not just development teams. Leaders must become champions of change, cultivating passionate, empowered employees and teams. When your organizational culture values continuous improvement across the entire customer value stream, your business can evolve into a learning organization that provides increasing customer value through rapid experimentation and waste reduction. 

We found SolutionsIQ and right away we knew we had found the right partner.

VP of Technology

We’re Here to Help

We treat transformation as a holistic change effort from the start. We engage with management and leadership as well as delivery teams, and engage everyone in the solution-making process. Most importantly, we meet our clients where they are, and use their business objectives to define success and design our approach, together.

Our consultants and coaches are masters of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Extreme Programming (XP), change management and leadership development.

With decades of experience with Agile transformation with many of the largest companies in the world, SolutionsIQ has created the largest community of expert Agile consultants and coaches in the world. As an Agile organization to its core, SolutionsIQ is uniquely qualified to guide transformational performance improvement in all levels, roles, and functions of your enterprise.

What’s Next?

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