Transcend Silos to Maximize Flow of Value

Agile practices improve cycle times from concept to development/test, but many organizations still suffer from slow deployments and infrequent releases, lowering customer satisfaction and delaying feedback and response. Old IT placed Development, QA, Support, Infrastructure management, Security and Production Operations into separate silos that can’t collaborate effectively and frustrate alignment on accountability for customer outcomes. To deliver value effectively, Development and Production Operations must perform like one aligned Agile team.

Bringing Lean thinking and automation together with advanced technologies, practices and tools, DevOps transformation accelerates business results. It creates alignment and collaboration between Development and Operations to optimize quality and value delivery.

DevOps: Systems

Business, product, development, testing, deployment, and operational systems have been optimized to connect all people, skills, and tools necessary to develop end-to-end.

DevOps: People

Wherever possible, teams are dedicated and cross-functional, including Product and Operations roles. Roles and rewards motivate people to focus on value stream delivery.

DevOps: Skills

Realistic cross-functional skills have been developed and continuously refreshed. Automation is used to improve cycle-time and enable new skills development, not to eliminate roles.

DevOps: Trust

Trust and collaboration are recognized as true competitive advantages — and rewarded as such.

Our Approach

DevOps is primarily about establishing a deeply collaborative culture among all parts of IT and is evidenced by smooth hand-offs, common understanding of business objectives, and optimization of technology throughout the delivery value stream. As practices mature, roles and teams become more cross-functional and evidence passion for customer satisfaction.

We’ll help you evaluate your current capabilities and help you build a path to release value rapidly, effortlessly on demand. Our DevOps Transformation solution leverages principles and practices from Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Extreme Programming, Theory of Constraints and Lean Product Development. The significant human and organizational change management elements are supported through our proven transformation and change management approaches. Through consulting, training, coaching, and immersive learning, your organization will learn to:

  • Consistently release new software effortlessly, any time, with high confidence
  • Continuously identify and remove bottlenecks in value delivery flow
  • Automate change, configuration, and deployment processes
  • Resolve release issues quickly and resiliently
  • Examine the full value stream of product development and operations
  • Optimize the combination of tools, process, people and cultural change to maximize performance

DevOps transformation will save you time, money, and effort, and thrill your users by realigning parochial silos’ goals to shared customer goals. You will deliver faster and more frequently, enabling fast customer feedback, rapid experimentation and learning.

What’s Next?

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