Embrace and Exploit Change

Many organizations are capable of recognizing the radical changes occurring around them, and the profound, often negative implications to maintaining market share and legacy revenue streams. These organizations must identify and seize opportunity, embrace change, and leverage new models for competitive advantage.

A fundamental component of innovation transformation is adopting and leveraging emerging technologies to gain competitive advantage. Another is developing the ability to exploit rapid learning; to experiment with and optimize business models, and to rapidly innovate on products and services. Our Innovation offering helps you evolve into an organization capable of outlearning and outperforming the competition in a world where the new normal is ever accelerating change.

Knowledge Workers

These individuals excel at delivering increments of value against large, complex problems, especially in today’s software-dependent world.

Digital Natives

Millennials and the following generation are the first to have lived purely in a world where computers and iPhones are everywhere.

Virtualization and globalization

With the ubiquity of mobile technology, barriers of time and space melt away. Information is instantly accessible anywhere in the world, and entering a market is easier than ever for your competitors.

Big Data

Now that we can easily access and process decades of data, we see more and more business innovation in social, mobile, analytics, and cloud platforms.

Revolutionary Technologies

Machine learning, robot process automation (RPA), 3D printing, gene-editing DNA and self-driving cars — the possibilities with these revolutionary technologies are virtually endless.

Our Approach

On the journey to business agility, you learn to sense and adapt in the areas most critical to shepherding your organization – the business layer.

SolutionsIQ’s innovation offering extends the new capabilities and culture you have already developed as a result of your Agile transformation. In addition to improving faster time to market, higher quality products, and running a healthier organization, our approach seeks to further change your culture and innovation capabilities in order to prepare your organization to become a responsive and disruptive market leader in the digital age.

We leverage principles and practices from the schools of Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Customer Development, Business Model Design, Leadership Agility, and Beyond Budgeting to cultivate your new capabilities. Through a unique combination of consulting, training, coaching, and immersive learning, your organization will learn to:

  • Exploit digital age trends and technologies across all levels of the organization
  • Employ data-driven experimentation to rapidly identify solutions the market really needs
  • Build responsive business architectures to stay ahead of changing market conditions
  • Engage in continuous two-way conversation with customers, partners, and employees to sense and respond to their changing needs
  • Create a culture of continuous learning that optimizes itself for health and fitness of purpose
  • Lead the organization as a complex ecosystem to maximize the potential of its own people and customers.


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