In-depth Learning Experiences with Agile Experts

Learn by doing. SolutionsIQ training events allow you to get hands-on with seasoned Agile practitioners that have more than a theoretical understanding of building Agile enterprises.  The best learning experiences are rooted in action. As a result, our facilitators leverage experiential learning techniques to explore Agile values, principles, and practices across our full range of training curriculum.

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Virtual Training

We offer the same great courses by the Agile experts you trust in a fully virtual environment. Now you can choose from a list of training classes and workshops delivered in an online setting.

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On-Site Private Events

Bring an expert on-site to facilitate a training event at your office. We will tailor the delivery to meet the specific goals and objectives for your team and colleagues.

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Corporate Training

Take an enterprise-wide approach to training. Craft an Agile learning journey that amplifies your talent management and organizational learning goals.

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Public Enrollment

Register to attend a public open enrollment class, and get the benefit of shared learning across a variety of roles and industries. Classes are available nationwide.

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Training Highlight: Product Innovation

In a rapidly changing business landscape, fueled by evolving technologies, there is no choice for organizations but to innovate. To remain viable in this environment, an enterprise organization must develop the capability to continuously innovate on its core products and services of today, while simultaneously searching for its new business of the future. The trainings and workshops within this focus area enable the necessary elements for invoking an Innovation Ecosystem at your organization.

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Available Trainings & Workshops:

**This course now available virtually.

  • Innovation Visioning Workshop**
  • Innovation Portfolio Workshop**
  • Innovation Management Workshop**
  • Innovation Practices Training**

Comprehensive Curriculum

Courses within our Team & Coaching Fundamentals focus area explore the principles and practices associated with creating high-performing teams and enabling self-sustaining delivery agility at the team-level. Ranging from one-day to five-days, these courses enable you to educate stakeholders on Agile values, principles, and terminology as well as immerse your internal Agile coaches in advanced facilitation skills and professional coaching techniques.

This curriculum includes three premiere courses, The Agile Facilitator, Coaching Agile Teams, and Agile Coach Bootcamp. Each are available through the SolutionsIQ partnership with Agile Coaching Institute that enables us to bring the industry’s most popular Agile coach and training courses to the market.

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Available Courses & Workshops

**This course now available virtually.

  • Introduction to Agile
  • Agile Foundations**
  • Agile Experiences
  • Agile Team Accelerator
  • Kanban Essentials
  • Product Owner Essentials
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO)
  • Advanced Product Owner
  • ScrumMaster Essentials
  • Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM)
  • Advanced ScrumMaster
  • The Agile Facilitator
  • Coaching Agile Teams
  • Agile Coach Bootcamp
  • AgilityHealth Facilitator**

The collection of courses within the Scaling Agile focus area concentrate on the proven set of practices and principles that make up the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®). Choosing SolutionsIQ as your SAFe training partner enables you to work directly with consultants that have been instrumental in some of the largest SAFe implementations in North America.

A framework alone is not enough to ensure organizational agility. Our Beyond a Framework one-day course is the perfect add-on that extends SAFe learnings and helps prepare you for enterprise-wide success with scaling agile.

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Available Courses & Workshops

**This course now available virtually.

  • Implementing SAFe
  • Leading SAFe**
  • SAFe for Teams**
  • SAFe ScrumMaster
  • SAFe Advanced ScrumMaster
  • SAFe Release Train Engineer
  • SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager
  • SAFe DevOps
  • Beyond a Framework

The courses within the Leadership & Innovation focus area merge learning objectives that are critical to our solutions for adapting organization and culture as well as innovating and disrupting markets. True enterprise-wide transformation is out of reach for organizations that fail to shift the mindset of leaders, and achieving the intrinsic value Agile has to offer comes only once product planning and portfolio management practices are customer focused and enable incremental delivery.

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Available Courses & Workshops

**This course now available virtually.

  • Agile for Executives
  • Managing in Agile
  • Intentional Agile Leadership
  • Agile Portfolio Management
  • Enterprise Business Agility Strategist**

Exceptional technical practices and a whole-team approach to quality are at the core of successful Agile enterprises. The courses within the Technical Excellence & Quality Assurance focus area ensure team members have an understanding of the fundamentals that are necessary to produce high-quality product rapidly and repeatedly.

Several courses in this curriculum bring together technical and non-technical team members in order to ensure shared knowledge and understanding of how the entire team is involved in product delivery.

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Available Courses & Workshops

  • Test-Driven Development
  • Behavior-Driven Development

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