Agile Pioneers

As early adopters, we grew with the Agile movement, first making a name for ourselves applying Agile methods to cutting-edge software development, then scaling up to become a fully Agile organization. Our own transformation led to the creation of our Agile consulting and training practice. Since 2006, we have trained more than 5000 practitioners and transformed many clients ranging from large Fortune 50 enterprises to venture-funded startups.

Our Mission

We believe in the boundless potential of people.

We unlock the creative power of organizations to transform uncertainty into opportunity and continuously renew competitive advantage.

Coming Together

Every year SolutionsIQ takes time away from client work to power up on collaboration and innovation at regional and national gatherings. Our annual All-Hands Gatherings are epic adventures- fueled by our amazing people and the passion and creativity we bring to everything we do. Our last All-Hands Gathering was in New Orleans, Louisiana. The event balanced the fun of a parade, a river boat tour and private dinners with the growth provided in Open Space sessions, professional development break-outs and leadership presentations of the company vision. The same takes place at a smaller scale at our regional gatherings, and after every gathering, everyone is left feeling that much more connected to each other and the work we do. We realize anew the power of our people, and our mission. Who knows where next year will take us — but wherever it is, we will be in excellent company.

Employee Fun Facts


We have a Green Beret in our ranks.


We have a former professional football player on our team.


We have a highland dancer on our squad. (And, yes, she has a kilt.)

Connected to the Community

In addition to our sincere dedication to building our community, both internally at SolutionsIQ and the wider Agile industry, we recognize the need to help in whatever small ways we can. Driven by the passion and kindness of our people, we have made it a part of our operations to sponsor Ryther Center for Children & Youth. For 17 years it has been our goal to bring a little bit of joy to the children of our community. In return we are reminded that not every problem is solved by business as usual, and for that we are ever thankful.

From the Pacific Northwest to the World

Established in 1979, SolutionsIQ has called Redmond, Washington, home since day one. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are surrounded by the awesome presence of the Cascade Range, Mt. Rainier watching over us and imbuing our mission and vision with clarity and purpose. In the last decade we have been fortunate to expand well beyond Washington State, first opening overseas offices in Bangalore, India, to accommodate our still growing APAC operations. Across the US we have offices in Boston, Massachusetts; Charlotte, North Carolina; and San Jose, California. No matter where our offices are physically, we meet our clients where they need us, always carrying with us a little bit of the Northwest in our hearts.