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SolutionsIQ was acquired by Accenture in 2017, inspiring a movement that changed the Agile community forever. The combination of SolutionsIQ’s people, passion and experience in business agility transformation paired with Accenture’s respected global platform and in-depth technology expertise uniquely positions us to guide our clients. In just a few years, we have been able to expand our practice globally and continue to provide unparalleled value to our clients and our growing community of experts.

Accenture | SolutionsIQ is bringing humanity to the workplace. By creating the destination for agilists seeking to improve the way people work and live, we are unlocking the creative potential of people and organizations all over the world.

Our Mission

We believe in the boundless potential of people.

We unlock the creative power of organizations to transform uncertainty into opportunity and continuously renew competitive advantage.

Empowering an Agile Culture

Accenture | SolutionsIQ is bringing humanity to the workplace. Driven by our shared Agile values, our growing community of passionate agilists is dedicated to improving the way people work and live. We know that creating a happy community is not just good for people: it’s good for business.

Maintaining our culture is something we take seriously. By investing in a dynamic culture where our community feels empowered and valued, we are creating an environment where we can all thrive – together. We are the destination for agilists looking to change the world.

From the Pacific Northwest to the World

Established in 1979, SolutionsIQ has called Redmond, Washington, home since day one. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are surrounded by the awesome presence of the Cascade Range, Mt. Rainier watching over us and imbuing our mission and vision with clarity and purpose. In the last decade we have been fortunate to expand well beyond Washington State. No matter where our offices are physically, we meet our clients where they need us, always carrying with us a little bit of the Northwest in our hearts.

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