The Women in Agile podcast series is in support of the growing movement to amplify the work of outstanding women in the Agile community through the Women in Agile Organization. Passionate, creative, and intelligent people from all genders come together in these inspiring conversations to advance equality and inclusion for all.

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Access the library of interviews and conversations where we feature outstanding women in the Agile industry, share stories, explore real-world challenges, and bring awareness to the state of our community today. Episodes are available on our Resource Library, Apple Podcast, Spotify and other podcast apps, just search for “Women in Agile”.

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About Women in Agile

The Women in Agile (WiA) movement first started as an open space conversation at ScrumGathering 2013 in Las Vegas where about 40 women came together in a quest to create support and advocacy for each other.

Since then the program has virally grown, there are more than 30 local area groups working to amplify the role of women in the Agile community. Codified as a non-profit in 2019, WiA Org runs multiple programs to support some of the most talented individuals in our industry.

Accenture | SolutionsIQ is proud to work in partnership with Women in Agile Organizationn to bring you this podcast series.

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I am excited about the launch of this podcast because women in the Agile community have so much expertise and wisdom to offer. Together we shine! – Lyssa Adkins